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Ways of the Heart

Foot Reflexology is an excellent way to promote relaxation,  relieve stress and tension, headaches, and help rejuvenate your body into a healthier state of being.

As a stand-alone treatment, Reflexology sessions encourage the body to naturally reset the organs and glands to promote healing.

When combined with relaxation massage, the body further accepts the treatment promoting a healthier you!

Remember when you were young? Life seemed so carefree and easy! Life's stages always lead to growth but have you ever felt or wondered if there was something more?

Am I living into my life's purpose?

Is there something more I could be doing?

If only I had the time/money/education/youth..... then I could.....  

It is those questions we explore at Natural Reset by offering workshops and one-on-one coaching for those who wish to wake up and proclaim

"I Love My Life!"

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Foot Reflexology

Healing from the inside out is the most natural way to install excellent

health, mind, body and spirit.

Below are the services

Natural Reset offers

This therapy truly is the ultimate description of healing from the inside out. Our minds often feel a disconnect with  our true desires of the heart.

This non-invasive therapy communicates directly with your higher power to determine direction, provide guidance and direction to your life.

An experience to be discovered that will have a positive, lasting and permanent impact on your life.

- Wisdom of Confucius