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Natural Reset

- healing from the inside out 

Meet Cindy McKay RCRT

Cares about her clients

Feet are the foundation of our bodies. Keeping them healthy is more important than most people realize. Reflexology is based on the premise that all the organs and glands in the body are found on the feet. The health benefits are many.  Try it out! 

With 10 years experience, I have seen many of my clients increase their quality of life through reflexology treatments. Some have regained mobility, found relief from pain, enjoy better circulation, improved sleep, well being and quality of life. 

As a practitioner, I have become a certified life coach, relational skills practitioner, spiritual health care practitioner and have gained a whole toolbox of experience to help clients  along their health journey. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Reflexology?

It can help with


Reflexology works the major glands in the brain including the pituitary and pineal which are vital to healthy brain function. 


Creating a homeostasis state in the body allows the body to relax. This causes our minds to take a break and focus on recharging. 

Back/hip/knee pain

Reflexology works the musculoskeletal and spine reflex areas on the foot that can help  relieve the above pain. 

Increases Circulation

During a reflexology session, we stimulates all the organs and glands in the body.  Your body's circulation system is rebooted, which increases blood flow to promote natural function. 

Digestive issues 

Reflexology works the entire digestive system to reboot elimination and detoxification. 


Reflexology helps allergies by resetting your body's natural immune system and helps the  lymphatic system. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Ionic Foot Detox?

It can help with

Increases energy

Ionic Detox promotes thinking clearer, feel lighter and boots your well being. 

Improves complexion

Removing toxins helps slow the aging process. It helps clears up skin conditions age spots, acne, eczema & psoriasis. 

Reduces joint pain

Regular detox treatments have been known to help reduce sore, aching joints. 

Rids your body of toxins

Removes heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, additives, preservatives and other chemicals that reside in our food, water and air. 

Increases immunity

Detox treatments strengthens your immunity against common aliments. 

Healthy weight loss

Increases your metabolism, releases the fat cells that hold toxins, reduces cellulite and helps your body maintain a weight that is correct for you. 


“I have been going to Cindy for about 4 or 5 years now. Reflexology has helped me so much! I get far more benefits from reflexology than massage. I highly recommend this as I always leave with a feeling of calm and well being. Good for the mind, body and spirit.”

— Suzanne Pederson


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60 min session               $70

30 min session               $45

15 min mini session for tips!

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30 min treatment                             $40

Added to reflexology treatment      $30

30 min treatment with hand and arm massage                                             $70

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Essential Oils

Coming soon

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19 Main St. Stony Mountain, MB R0C 3A0

for information or for home appointments call 204 739-3897

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