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Natural Reset

- power of knowledge through education 

Meet Cindy McKay 

Cares about her clients

I have always beleived there is power in knowledge. In these unsettled times, my conviction towards this statement has become more solidified. It is my goal to help people who are feeling unsettled in their home and work environments find meaning, purpose and passion for their lives.

I beleive the work environment should be an extension of the employee's lives where they feel valuable, part of a team and confident in thier positions. This can get lost in unhealthy work environments.


The Relational Skills program offers a hands on approach that will get to the heart of the matter.

Skills 4 Success provide training for employees who may need an upgrade in thier essential skills. Knowlede is power and time is money. Given the right training, employees can save time if theyfeel more confident in their skills. 

I am a certified Relational Skills practitioner, Skills 4 Success practitioner, Dreambuilder life coach, and  am currently developing the  Natural Reset mentoring program. I have gained a whole toolbox of experience to help clients  along their life journey . 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Relational Skills 

It can help with

Change & Continuous Learning 

Required change can be difficult for employees to grasp and understand. This course helps facilitate this process. 

Cultural Competence

Multicultural work environments are becoming more common. This course creates awareness of biases we may have and how to create a harmonious environment. 

Communications in the New World of Work 

Communication in the workplace has evolved and changed with technology. This course teaches how to stay connected. 

Resilience & Growth Mindset

This course takes participants through a series of exercises to bring awareness to how flexible and adaptable they are to new situations. 

Systems Thinking

Creates a strong awareness of how valuable each member of the team is and what happens with absenteeism or losses. 

Civility & Citizenship 

Scratching your head? This class is more important than one may think! Respect and courtesy goes a long way in the workplace! 

Collaboration in the New World of Work 

A great value has been placed on effective collaboration in the workplace. This workshop focuses on the importance of teambuilding. 

Social Intelligence 

Awareness of ourselves and those around us has become a sought after skill in the workplace. 

Why Naturopathy

Skills 4 Success 

are teachable, transferable and save businesses time and money 



Creativity & Innovation 





Problem Solving 



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Workshop Facilitation Relational Skills - Skills 4 Success

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Life Mentor

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Natural Reset
Life Mentor

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Weekend Retreats 


“I have been going to Cindy for about 4 or 5 years now. Reflexology has helped me so much! I get far more benefits from reflexology than massage. I highly recommend this as I always leave with a feeling of calm and well being. Good for the mind, body and spirit.”

— Suzanne Pederson

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6 French St. Stony Mountain, MB R0C 3A0

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